The creators behind new Canadian wallpaper company Thoreaux pick their three favourite patterns

Thoreaux, a new Canadian wallpaper company launched this summer, is a side venture from the Toronto-based creative consultancy Whitman Emorson ( Poised to make a mark on the interior decorating scene, the Thoreaux collection features contemporary reinterpretations of historic images from across the globe.

Thoreaux’s debut collection is comprised of eight patterns. Asked to pick their three favourite designs, Whitman Emorson’s creative directors chose Carolina Parakeets, Royal Road and F. Didot. Following is what they said about each.


“We love the rich earthy texture of this wallpaper. The print is an extreme close detail of parakeet wings but also feels like being surrounded by a thick forest of trees. We also love that the piece originates from such a famous work of art, John James Audubon’s “Carolina Parakeets,” revised in a fresh and unique way.”


“We love all the romantic drama with this wallpaper. It completely sets a mood in a space. We love how the print was taken from something as delicate as a porcelain bottle and adapted in such a way to feel bold yet still classic.”


“We love that the pattern feels geometric and organic which feels connected to his famous work as a type designer. The wallpaper has the ability to transform the feeling of a space with a strong presence, but is also entirely delicate and subtle.”

Thoreaux’s full collection – along with the history of each print – can be viewed at