A study in contrasts: P Blok Production Studio in Istanbul

Designed by Istanbul-based architectural studio IGLO Architects, P Blok Production Studio was a finalist for the 2013 Leaf Interior Design Awards, which recognize innovative architectural design that sets the benchmark for the international architectural community of the next generation.

The project is designed around the contrasting aspects such as permeability and isolation between spaces, light and dark, black and white, while the functional scheme between the offices, postproduction and studio areas and the supportive spaces, such as café, makeup room, storage room and WC, is solved optimally at the horizontal and vertical planes.

Grey and transparent glass surfaces are added to black and white (which constitute the background colours), for a cool effect. The use of wood in the furniture and the upper storey floorings provides warmth. Accessories provide the colour.

The old facade is transformed only by painting. The ramp and the rolling shutter at the existing entry are kept for taking big equipment in for big-scale photography. A new entrance door is added at the new reception area which was created at the right side. Two additional storeys are composed at the entrance side where the offices and postproduction units are placed. At the back side the full ceiling height is used to place the two studios.

For more information about IGLO Architects, visit http://www.iglo.com.tr/