Austrian designer Martin Mostbck goes to the movies: two of his products are featured in “Guardians of the Galaxy”

A pair of products designed by Austrian architect and designer Martin Mostböck – the new floor lamp The Edge.01 and the planter Arrow – are featured in the blockbuster movie Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie is based on the Marvel Comics series and was produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It was directed by James Gunn and features a cast including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close and Benicio del Toro.


After stealing a mysterious orb in the far reaches of outer space, Peter Quill is now the main target of a manhunt led by the villain known as Ronan the Accuser. Peter Quill creates a team known as the Guardians of the Galaxy to save the world.


The concept of the floor lamp The Edge was to create a glowing, sculptural body, a lamp with indirect light distribution. The body is made of an aluminium composite panel that is usually used for facade claddings. Because of its particular material property, the material is used now in a new field of application, a lamps body. Milling and cutting the panels on one side the material can be folded into form within minutes. This trick (trans)forms a light, stiff and self supporting construction.

The concept of the Arrow series is based on specifically triangulated surfaces, which create dynamic: a body is defined with distinctive architectural and plastical qualities, contrasting with its surrounding. A special form originates – to be used either as a single object or combined to a system. These various possibilities of use create multi-functionality and variability and are formally imagined in the dualism of edge and surface. Arrow brings tension into flora and garden life. 

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