New from Copenhagen-based Muuto: vases and trivets

Scandinavian design company Muuto has added two intriguing new items – both designed by Hallgeir Homstvedt – to its line of accessories: Balance, a collection of vases and trays; and Groove trivets.


Balance, a set of vases (and tray) with different shapes and contemporary colours, was designed by Hallgeir Homstvedt for Muuto. The vases are cast in coloured clay and the tray in powdercoated steel. Keeping the vases and trays together is a strong hidden magnet, which locks them in an upright balanced position while at the same time allowing the vases to be moved around on the tray, for a personalized look. Balance is both available in a single-vase set and a three-vase set in several colour combinations.

Says designer Homstved, “I wanted to play with the concept of visual balance when designing the Balance vase set, and offer a new perspective on a vase. My idea was to create an object that naturally engages the observer’s curiosity and creativity. Most vases look empty without flowers, but Balance vases are almost like sculptural silhouettes that you can personalize and arrange the way you desire, with or without flowers.”


Groove trivets were designed by Norwegian designer Hallgeir Holmsvedt for Muuto. The trivets come in two different sizes and are made of raw marble in either white, grey or green.

Says the designer, “Trivets are normally stowed away when not in use, yet I wanted to create a beautiful object, which can add to the atmosphere and bear being displayed. The linear grooves in the marble give the trivets a graphic expression and serves as a nice contrast to the natural structures and patterns in the marble. Leave Groove trivets on the table even when not in use and let them add character to your interior.”


Muuto is a Scandinavian design company that joins forces with the leading contemporary Scandinavian designers to create original products with new perspectives. The result is an innovative, aesthetic and functional collection of New Nordic furniture, lighting and accessories for modern interiors all over the world.

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