Gerflor’s resilient wood sheet flooring for healthcare environments

Gerflor, a global leader in the design and manufacture of specialized resilient flooring, has announced its continued dominance as a healthcare flooring provider with the introduction of its Taralay Impression Wood to the U.S. market. As the only ISO 22196 compliant antibacterial flooring on the market, which is 99 per cent effective against MRSA, E. coli, and S. aureus, Taralay Impression Wood is the safe choice when selecting a resilient wood sheet flooring for healthcare environments.

“According to a 2013 Harvard Study in the JAMA Internal Medicine, hospital-acquired infections (HAI) cost the U.S. healthcare system around $10 billion a year,” says Benjamin Bachman, CEO, Gerflor USA. “This figure alone speaks to the importance of maintaining clean, healthy spaces for patients to recover in. As flooring takes up every square inch of a healthcare facility, it’s imperative that a high impact, cost saving, hygienic solution is specified. Facility managers, infection control staff, and ultimately patients, can rest assured these qualities are never sacrificed with Taralay Impression Wood.”

Taralay Impression Wood is available in compact or comfort backing, which works with a protected 28mil thick transparent wearlayer ideal for high-traffic areas with critical care activities and rolling medical equipment. This multilayered resilient sheet flooring has the only no-wax-for-life surface treatment, Protecsol, that has been proven for over 30 years. Protecsol provides the highest level of durability and appearance throughout its long lifecycle of over 20 years. The wood designs were specifically developed for today’s U.S. healthcare environments in mind, with warm, comforting wood tones, classic wood grains and plank sizes, and a smooth surface with no dirt traps. 


• Reduces surface contamination and potential risk of HAIs: antibacterial treatment deters growth of microbes
• Proven sustainability: REACH compliant, 100 per cent recyclable at end of lifecycle, contributes to LEED, and EPD documented
• Improves indoor air quality: Low VOC, < 70 μg/m3, FloorScore certified, allergen-free, no heavy metals
• Reduces noise levels and staff fatigue: Very High Density (VHD) comfort backing provides comfort underfoot and sound management properties that are ideal for childcare areas and for staff who stand long hours.
• Gerflor’s leadership in healthcare: 500 million patients heal everyday on Gerflor floors; 500 million square feet installed in worldwide healthcare applications; and more than 500 healthcare projects completed by Gerflor every year.


For designers, installers and facility managers who want design-forward, sustainable, durable floor solutions, Gerflor USA is the manufacturer of choice for healthcare and sports environments. As a result of Gerflor’s cutting-edge technology, history of innovation, and manufacturing capabilities, Taraflex is the world’s leading sports flooring, and Mipolam – the original homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring – is a leading healthcare solution. Gerflor is present in 100 countries around the globe with more than 2,500 employees. It has an excellent environmental record which includes outstanding whole life cycle performance and full compliance with ISO 14001 standards, and FloorScore certification. 

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