Mondani Furniture – branching out of the United States – comes to Toronto

Mondani Furniture is officially branching out of the United States and has opened its doors internationally in Canada. The brand-new showroom is located in the Castlefield Design District in Toronto and features exclusive trends for modern interiors.

The showroom holds an impressive 25,000 square feet of space in Toronto’s premier interior-design shopping neighborhood. Not only is the furniture impressionable, but the custom interior design and layout create a unique shopping experience that allows customers to discover what Mondani style suits their needs. “We are very excited about bringing our modern designs to Toronto,” says co-founder Steven Athea. “With all the growth we’ve had recently in different cities in the U.S., we’re very excited to expand our growth in Canada.”

Stay tuned to an exclusive upcoming grand opening celebration and ribbon-cutting later this year.

Mondani Furniture has continued to thrive by capitalizing on a concept that brings affordable prices on ultramodern, high-end decor furniture to every home. Inspired by international designers, Mondani Furniture carries an eclectic mix of modern, minimalist, zen, contemporary and baroque, as well as outdoor furniture. Mondani is not only a retailer but it also proposes high-end design consultant services and custom turn-key packages for buyers, real estate agents and developers alike.

Launched in Miami by three entrepreneurs – Athea, Nathan Cohen and Yonel Fellous – Mondani has made headway in the modern furniture industry by bringing trendy collections from around the world to major U.S. cities with “Over the Top Design at Minimalist Prices.”

Mondani’s newest showroom is located at 1400 Castlefield Ave. in Toronto, at the intersection of Caledonia and Castlefield, in the Design Living Centre.


Mondani offers modern furniture at a wholesale price that is three times more affordable than the average designer furniture store. Founded by Nathan Cohen, Steven Athea, and Yonel Fellous from Paris, France, the trio launched Mondani Furniture in Miami, Florida in 2007 and, since then, received much success. Honored as the 2011 Bank of America Small Business of the Year, Mondani opened one new showroom in Atlanta in 2013 and three showrooms in 2012 in Chicago, Miami and Houston with Dallas, San Francisco, and Toronto showrooms opening this summer 2014. Mondani conceptualizes on showcasing Modern Furniture by using clean minimalist lines, cool tones and new modern styles with bold features. Mondani has grasped the attention and decorated a variety of interiors for well-known entrepreneurs and national celebrities and continues to make headway locally and across the nation, generating up-to-the-minute designs for the modern furniture world.

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