DULUX Paint unveils colour palette for 2015

The colour theme for the upcoming year, at least from paint brand Dulux’s perspective, is to get out of the house. Maybe not literally, but the colour palette for 2015 is intended to be reminiscent of exotic global destinations. For example, the Colour of the Year is Tropic Night, a vibrant, clean blue that is expected to dominate all areas of interior décor. Martin Tustin-Fuchs, brand manager for Dulux paint, explained that “next year’s trendy blue evokes images of the sparkling Caribbean Sea and will be noticed wherever you put it.”

The trend towards opulent, vibrant international colours will be seen across the colour spectrum, according to the Dulux brand. Likening the 2015 palette to a kaleidoscope, the Dulux Co-leidoscope theme represents the convergence and intersection of colours from different world cultures. Tustin-Fuchs said that rather than a “melting pot, this theme serves as a glamorous celebration of the unique and eclectic designs and experiences the global world has to offer.”

Key colours from the Dulux paint 2015 collection include Ruby Ring red, Red Badge coral, Swiss Pine emerald, Blazer Blue sapphire, Golden Harvest yellow, Stage Fright plum, Light’s Out black and Heron Grey.

“After several tough economic years, today’s consumers are craving to break free, add spice to their life and get a taste of the exotic, and one way they will do so is by surrounding themselves with lavish colours,” Tustin-Fuchs said.

As part of the global Co-leidoscope theme, consumers will also use next year’s glamorous colours in creative ways, especially when it comes to patterning, he explained. “Opulent and eccentric patterns such as stylized florals, new twists on old tapestry and ornate detailing will be everywhere in 2015.” Also trending will be colourful bohemian home fashions, a throwback to the elegance, artistry and decadence of the ’70s, he said.