Steelcase rethinks its bestselling Think chair

In 2004, the Think chair from Steelcase was quickly lauded as a breakthrough innovation, and became a global bestseller. As the first Cradle to Cradle certified product on the planet, it created a higher sustainability standard across industries. Fully redesigned and reengineered, Think is now smarter, simpler and more sustainable.

Steelcase based the redesign on global trends and deep user-centered research. For example, workers today are more mobile; they are spending their work day in range of settings, rather than just their desk. Meanwhile, Steelcase has learned more about new materials, new molding technologies and new performance capabilities – and have gained eight more years of experience as designers and engineers. With this knowledge, Steelcase is excited to introduce this insightful redesign of one of its global bestselling chairs, Think.

The Think chair intuitively responds to the movement of the body to provide comfort. The Integrated LiveBack System conforms to your body and moves with you as you change postures. It features an advanced weight-activated seat, so anybody can get comfortable, quickly.

Think is also easy to use. The intelligent design allows the user to personalize their comfort through few manual adjustments.

Finally, Think has measured and minimized its lifelong impact on both human and environmental health. The newly redesigned Think has fewer parts for easy recycling and even quicker disassembly, and Steelcase can help customers reuse or recycle the chair at end of its useful life.

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