Lladr launches a new campaign telling fascinating stories in porcelain

Spanish institution Lladró is rolling out its new image, combining the magic of memory with the essence of the classic, two aspects that have always defined this historical porcelain brand ever since its beginnings. The new image manages to capture a unique visual world based on the analog code that sustains all the brand’s creations, from its classics to its High Porcelain pieces, as well as the more innovative experimental designs conceived by Lladró Atelier. Lladró looks to the future, revisiting its legacy to tell us stories that connect with the emotions.

Lladró is launching a new advertising campaign telling fascinating stories in porcelain.

“It was my birthday. We were celebrating in the kitchen, chatting and eating, until we went upstairs to the library. My father was preparing cocktails. My grandmother was dancing. When she saw me she stopped and said, ‘Come, I have something for you.’ It was the porcelain mermaid! I was 30 years old but I was instantly transported back to childhood”

Transmitting the magic of memories summoned up by Lladró porcelains. This is the message behind the new advertising campaign being launched by the Spanish brand this fall. And the truth is that therereally is something magical in the bond created when we fall in love with a Lladró piece, when porcelain takes us by surprise and transports us to our fondest memories. From that instant, the piece will forever more evoke that person, that moment, that experience or that tradition which is as unique as each one of us.


Dragons that mesmerize us with their beauty, mermaids that cast a spell on us with a simple look, majestic horses that recall our ancestors, gods that defend a new romanticism… The campaign, designed within the brand’s international relaunch, tells us fascinating stories with a focus on the value of classics, and the delicate rhythm that is found in each and every Lladró creation.

The fantastic setting lends the spotlight to the piece itself, placing it in a magical and surprising background. Like Lladró works, the campaign couples pure handmade elements with a modern creative approach. The decorative elements surrounding the pieces have been created by hand, in a process that connects directly with the values of a brand that has been making its porcelains entirely by hand in Valencia for sixty years.


The concept behind the settings for the pieces is inspired by the early filming technique using a magic lantern, an optical device that projected enlarged images from a camera obscura, and a forerunner of cinema.

The technique is also behind the surprising effects of the video created to support the campaign. Fantastic, funloving, inspirational … 60 seconds of condensed magic.

For more info, visit http://www.lladro.com/