Foscarini creates LED versions of its bestsellers

Foscarini presents an important and ambitious project developed entirely by its in-house engineering department. Some of the company’s bestsellers have been entirely redesigned in new LED versions, with the aim of offering a warm and emotional light – the distinguishing characteristics of Foscarini lamps – while adding values such as energy savings, greater efficiency and a longer life of the light source.

“It has been an extremely fascinating task” says Alessandro Vecchiato and Carlo Urbinati, the owners of Foscarini. “We picked four of our bestselling products and set a challenge for our engineering department, asking them to come up with LED solutions that would retain all the characteristics and emotions of the original models. Every model that has been redesigned in the LED version, thus uses a specific durable and high-quality board, which we have developed specifically to ensure the same intensity, diffusion and temperature as the light produced by the original version.”

LED technology has also been interpreted and applied to Caboche by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto. Resulting from the desire to create a precious and charming lamp, like a pearl bracelet – using PMMA technology, responsible for its light weight and transparency – Caboche has become an icon in the world of lighting and design. In the new LED version, Foscarini has managed to retain the unmistakable effect of this lamp, in which every sphere recreates the image of the light source inside and of its surroundings.

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