Taiwan’s Tittot Moment creates brand-new treasures inspired by ancient Chinese artifacts

A highlight of Masion & Objet’s “now! design à vivre” show in Paris this past September was the inclusion of “Fresh Taiwan,” showcasing vital Taiwanese manufacturing companies.

My favourite is Tittot Company Limited, established in 1994. Tittot is originally from Taiwan and employs rare “lost wax casting” technique to create a brand-new style. Its delicate openwork pieces infused ancient stories with a contemporary touch.

Tittot’s masterpieces are recognized the worth by permanent collection from numerous world renown museums, including National Palace Museum (Beijing), Victoria & Albert Museum of Arts and Crafts (U.K.), Takayama Glass Museum (JPN), Coring Museum of Glass (US) and Museo del Vidrio in Mexico.

There are more than 80 Tittot retail shops currently in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia awaiting for you to enjoy the new lifestyle through


Tittot Moment is a whole new sub-brand that Tittot launched in 2014, specialized in designing and producing living artworks, which includes wineglasses, tabletops, furniture, lightings, and home decoration.



Drawing inspiration from the “Flask with Leaf Scrolls” of the Ming Dynasty, collected as a national treasure by Taipei’s National Palace Museum, Tittot designed this small vase, adding a majestic aura to the beautiful blue-and-white porcelain through lights and shadows of crystal glass. 


With its commitment to uphold and promote culture, Tittot has become a symbol of contemporary cultural innovation in the eastern (Chinese) market. On a spiritual level, Tittot’s works have always transformed historical or legendary designs into modern creations. Since 2011, Tittot has collaborated with the National Palace Museum in creating practical and small objects as part of a classic theme of the latter’s collection which includes its most brilliant creation – Togetherness – which was inspired by the National Palace Museum’s “Jadeite Cabbage with Insects.” The artist transformed the long-horned grasshopper on the jade cabbage into a magnetic memo clip. The cabbage was carved in intaglio, complemented with unique glass features.  


Drawing inspiration from the “Kuei with Phoenix-pattern Square Base” collected as a national treasure by Taipei’s National Palace Museum, Tittot created a practical paperweight and table ornament. Using intaglio technique, the artwork revealed the exquisite appliques of tripod from the West Chou Dynasty with crystal glass material.


Among the new creations in 2014, Tittot has combined the “powder sintering” technique with brilliant “lost wax casting” to present a dynamic image of blossoming flowers with saturated colours. Furthermore, high quality polishing with multiple light reflections was applied to create a remarkable visual effect.


Drawing inspiration from four bronze tripods that are part of Taipei’s National Palace Museum collection, the designer created this ceramic cup held in a specially designed wooden box which may also be used as a display stand. The traditional artifact is creatively interpreted with a whole new culture and style into the artwork.


The concept of the glass and decanter originate from Chinese ancient wine vessels. The precise 12-cut-facet symbolizes 12 months, and this is to convey people should taste the elegance and happiness of life at any time.

For more information, visit http://www.tittot.com/