Marcel Wanders creates illusions with his new wallpaper collection for Graham & Brown

This past week at  the London Design Festival, Graham & Brown introduced three brand-new collections.

Among them is the Illusion Marcel Wanders/Illusion collection – the latest collaboration between the famed Dutch designer and Graham & Brown. Illusions is a masterpiece collection with each design not quite as it seems.

Says Marcel Wanders, “I am proud of the collaboration with Graham & Brown as we share the same passion for statement wallpaper designs. The Illusions collection is an expression of invigorating festivity, and the fantasy and sensuality I seek in my work. With this collection I want to trigger people’s imagination and turn surface wallpaper into a more three dimensional experience.” 

These bold organic, geometric and typographic patterns exhibit stunning, regal qualities with a luxurious finish. Extravagant yet delicate, the nine patterns are grouped into five different categories which create their own sense of “illusions” through various surface treatments and visual manipulations.

Wallflower is composed of geometrical wall tiles with floral accents in which the lotus flower is rendered to give the appearance of a three-dimensional tiled wall. The rhythmic Heart & Tulip pattern in particular resembles a carved wooden surface, and comes in mahogany, ash and birch.

In Dreams Come True and Petit Papillon, embossing techniques are applied to the patterns. The former is a calligraphic pattern revealing Marcel Wanders’ mission statement: “Here to create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true.“ Petit Papillon is also deeply personal as the dense botanical pattern shows delicate butterflies, in a direct reference to Marcel Wanders’ recent career benchmark exhibition “Pinned Up 25 Years of Design” at the Stedelijk in Amsterdam.

In the third group of patterns, the flocking technique is visible in Braille Chester, a diamond pattern in which depth and the illusion of light and shadow is achieved through a pixelated surface, and Forest Muse, a floral damask in which the optical illusion is reinforced by hidden winged fairies.

World Heritage, available in black, blue and gold, is reminiscent of Victorian designs. The bowler hat, the fountain pen and the playing cards’ suits give it a British twist. Finally, the subtle Maestro Stripe and Reflection patterns make them the perfect complementary solutions for versatile home styling.

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