Case study: Block Kitchen + Bar in Banff by Calgary-based Davignon Martin

Davignon Martin Architecture + Interior Design has a motto: “To build a point of view, a framework, a perspective. Because architecture can be much more than creating just a physical structure. Because design resolves unstructured problems, situations and perceptions that are always changing in time.”

Based in Calgary, Davignon Martin is Richard Davignon and Doris Martin. Architect Richard Davignon founded Davignon Martin Architecture + Interior Design in 2001. Interior designer Doris Martin joined Davignon Martin Architecture + Interior Design in 2008 and became a partner in 2011.

They recently completed Block Kitchen + Bar in Banff. 

Writes the dynamic duo, “The space has been open for a few weeks now and we are absolutely pleased with how well our clients are doing. When we begin the design of a space our main project goal is for our client to be successful: this is a tall order when the space is only 650 square feet. We knew we would do this by creating a space that would provide a unique user experience, one that has not yet been seen in Banff.

“We noticed something amazing about Block when we visited trecently. Unlike some other restaurants where the design may deter certain age groups, Block has become the spot where parents can take their kids for lunch, retired couples can dine on a fun meal, and Gens X, Y and yes, even the millennials, can all come together and make Block a part of their Banff experience.”  

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