Spanish carpet company Nanimarquina introduces two new designs

Each year, Spanish carpet company Nanimarquina introduces new designs that exhibit its unique gift of colour and craft. This year their offerings include Tatami, a colourful addition to the successful Natural Collection, and Losanges III by the Bouroullec Brothers.

The new Tatami collection by Ariadna Miquel and Nani Marquina are the first colour pieces to be part of Nanimarquina’s Natural Collection. Inspired by Japanese straw tatami mats, Tatami is made with a combination of soft, New Zealand wool and bright, structured jute. These complementary fibres are hand loomed together to create the perfect marriage of style and comfort. Also available in purple and natural.

Losanges III is Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s latest crimson-toned addition to their Losanges collection. A modern interpretation of the classic Persian rug, Losanges III is hand made using the ancient Kilim technique with hand-spun Afghan wool. The hand-spun wool makes for variations in colour tones, making each Losanges III truly unique.

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