At Toronto’s upcoming Nuit Blanche, 15,000 rolls of coloured toilet paper will be transformed into a life-size garden

On Sat., Oct. 4, paper-products company Renova will transform the Nathan Philips Square Rotunda into a mystical, interactive garden made completely out of coloured toilet paper – more than 15,000 rolls.

Utilizing Renova’s recently launched Red Label line (white on one side and coloured on the other), the installation – part of Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s annual all-night arts festival – will transport participants into a garden of earthly delights, bringing themes of repose, reflection, re-imagination and renewal to life. Reflecting on the brand ethos of Renova, the garden will explore how, through these themes, we can bring more awe, joy, creativity and vitality into our lives.

As participants wander through the garden, they will have the opportunity to interact with four “muses” each gowned in toilet paper and able to be brought to life through elements of dance and poetry in a form of augmented reality made possible by an iPad application.

As an official sponsor of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Renova is thrilled to be working with the talented Luigi Ferrara, dean of the Centre for Arts and Design at George Brown College, and his team again this year, after last year’s highly acclaimed premiere of World House Renova.

Says Ferrara, “The reinvention of common white toilet paper into coloured paper by Renova is analogous to how the artist can re-imagine household products into art. This installation demonstrates how we can transform our lives from the ordinary into the extraordinary through creative renewal,”

Who knew toilet paper could be this extraordinary?


Available in more than 60 countries, Renova’s paper products are giving white paper a run for its money. Made famous by celebrities like Beyoncé, who will only use red toilet paper on tour, Renova remains true to its commitment to high quality, eco-friendly and dermatologically tested products that are gentle on the skin.

The Red Label Line, launched this summer, combines style and function, pairing vibrant new colours and exclusive scents on one side with soft, luxurious white paper on the other. Renova coloured paper products including toilet paper, tissue, paper towelS and serviettes, are available across Canada.

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