A new LED task light from Luxo called Split offers twice the illumination

Split is a powerful new task light for large, demanding workplaces. With twice the light output of other LED task lights, this new product from Luxo is particularly suitable for large worksurfaces where more light is needed.

With its graceful shape and all metal construction, this impressive task light will stand out in any office environment. It has a spring-balanced arm for maximum reach and flexibility, and an automatic shut-off for further energy savings.

Split has a distinctive design and great functionality. The lamp head is made of a slim sheet of aluminum cut and shaped so that the LED light sources are directed to illuminate across the desktop. The remainder of the head forms an intuitive grip that efficiently shades the lightsources from direct view. This unique design produces excellent asymmetric light distribution eliminating unwanted glare and shadows. A matching table base is also available. Split is available in black, silver gray or white; custom colours are available upon request.

Split features two custom-made 6-watt LED modules that provide broad, directional light across the worksurface. The two LED modules are positioned at a 30° angle providing for a particularly wide light distribution. The lamp head remains parallel to the worksurface providing asymmetric and ergonomically correct workstation lighting.

The LED modules have a life expectancy of 45,000 hours – 25 years or more of normal office use. Split is infinitely dimmable, and equipped with a 9/4 hour automatic shut-off to save energy.

Split is also available with an integrated PIR sensor version that turns the light on when a user is detected and off after they have not been sensed for 15 minutes.

Split was designed by Aleksander Borgenhov – one of Norway’s most award-winning industrial designers. He has created a wide range of successful products, including furniture, lighting, commercial goods, sports equipment, health and medical, and marine and offshore. He recognizes design is based on a good story and his work provides unique visual qualities and smart innovative solutions.

Says Borgenhov, “The small and powerful LED modules require little space. This opens for new design opportunities. In this project I have focussed on shapes and forms that take advantage of the possibilities of LED. As a result, Split’s slim head seems almost weightless.”


Luxo is a worldwide pioneer in multi-adjustable, spring-balanced task lighting, and original ambient lighting, since 1934.

For more info, visit http://www.luxous.com/