Wewood’s Colombo is a coffee table with a difference

Portuguese furniture company Wewood and the designer Gonçalo Campos have developed an original and irreverent coffee table. Colombo is the most recent piece from Wewood, in 100-per-cent solid oak, designed with elegance and irreverence, and produced with all artisanal know-how.

Colombo is a piece that combines the innovative design with traditional techniques of joinery. Its legs were constructed using woodturning, a traditional technique which uses a mechanical lathe to carving the wood and its top is composed by three different layers of wood, in opposite directions, in order to avoid the wood warping.

With the egg-shaped top, the Colombo table is composed by two halves, which can be separated into two side tables, each one distinct by itself. Separated, one side presents a half ellipse shape, while the other presents a semicircle shape propped with a rotating plate, making this a functional piece with multiple uses.

For more info, visit http://www.wewood.eu/