Five playful new accessories from Vancouver-based Studio Brovhn

Vancouver’s Studio Brovhn has released a new accessory line that is geometric, quirky, and playful. The five new designs are Disco, Sky Tower, Urban-ism, V Tower and X-Ref. 

Designed to complement and accentuate Studio Brovhn’s existing furniture collection, this new range of accessories is made from solid ash or oak, in a combination of clear stains and lacquer colours. Clear stains expose the characteristic grain of each wood type, complementing and contrasting the Yellow Cheer, Pink Blossom, Blue Sail, and Vivid Orange colour range.


X-Ref is a bold and graphic in spirit. The pieces can be positioned flat, or on their side. Available in two sizes. Made from solid oak. Finished in a combination of Vivid orange lacquer, and natural stained wood. 


Disco is a decorative and sculptural wall hanging collection of circular panels. The pieces can be displayed individually, or clustered together to create unique arrangements varying in colour and overall shape. Made from 1.5-inch thick solid ash or oak, and available in three diameters: 8,16 or 24 inches. Ash Disco panels are stained natural around their perimeter revealing wood grain, while fronts are lacquered in Yellow Cheer, Pink Blossom, and Blue Sail. Disco pieces made from oak are entirely stained natural.


Sky Tower is a two-piece set of geometric wooden blocks. Sky Tower pieces can be positioned in a variety of different ways, and placed horizontal or vertical, encouraging evolving configurations. Made from solid oak. The taller block, rectangular in shape, is lacquered in Yellow Cheer, Pink Blossom or Blue Sail on one side, and stained natural on remaining sides. The lower block is stained natural. 


Urban-ism is a six-piece set of wooden blocks, designed to be free in form, encouraging endless configurations and play. The collection includes parts in two different heights, and is made of solid oak from rectangular and triangular shapes. Each block is lacquered Yellow Cheer, Pink Blossom or Blue Sail on one side, and stained natural on remaining sides. 


An intriguing form in the shape of a V, generated from a combination of 20- and 90-degree angles. V Tower series has a profile that is simultaneously organic and angular, open and closed in profile. V Tower pieces can be stacked, and positioned horizontal or vertical. Made from solid oak. Lacquered Yellow Cheer, Pink Blossom or Blue Sail on the inner side. Stained natural on the outside.


Studio Brovhn specializes in product and furniture design. It approaches design with an architectonic mindset, refining details to an art. Materials and process frame the thinking. The studio’s work is recognized for a contemporary, minimal aesthetic with a commitment to function.

Studio Brovhn believes in quality and craftsmanship, and strive to keep production within North America. Sustainability is an underlying methodology of the work. Products are suited for home and commercial environments.

Studio Brovhn was founded in 2009 by Miguel Brovhn. Following a degree in Architecture and Visual Studies from the University of Toronto, Miguel directed sales and design projects within the contemporary furniture industry for seven years before establishing his own firm. 

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