Joan Gaspar’s Ginger lighting collection pays tribute to the drums of Ginger Baker from the 1960s rock band Cream

Barcelona-based lighting company Marset is world renowned for its modern lighting designs. The company is excited to unveil its new Ginger collection, designed by Joan Gaspar, along with a few other designs, at ICFF. Last year, Marset won the 2013 ICFF editors award for lighting.

The collection’s name comes from the design’s extraordinarily lightweight disk that pays tribute to the drums of Ginger Baker from the 1960s rock band Cream. The Ginger collection explores materials and technology that are new to the lighting industry – namely, layers of wood and paper that are shaped under high pressure. The outcome is an aerial shade just 4mm thick. with a white interior that reflects the light. Ginger also features a high-quality wood finish exterior.

Using LED technology, Ginger comes in two different sizes as a hanging pendant. Ginger is also available as a standing lamp and as a table lamp. All versions come with the choice of an oak or wenge lampshade.


Marset is a Barcelona-based company well known for its beautiful modern lighting collections. Founded in Barcelona during the 1940s, Marset began as a family business dedicated to casting metals. It endured the test of time by adapting to the contemporary marketplace and by applying the knowledge acquired from decades of experience. Marset looks at light, with its different nuances and effects, and creates sophisticated designs that illuminate spaces and create warm atmospheres with character and personality.

Marset collaborates with award-winning designers, many of whom are artists in their own right. Together they produce expertly crafted lighting collections that are refined, contemporary and technically precise. Marset continues to build upon a range of disciplines and the company keeps pushing the technological boundaries of the industry.

Since its opening in 2011, Marset USA has quickly spread from New York across the United States and Canada and is fast becoming a valued name in both modern and architectural lighting.

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