Milano Design Film Festival travels at 600 km/h

The 2nd edition of Milano Design Film Festival ends with a great success. More than 18,000 people were present at the showing over four days – in other words, 600 people per hour. Visitors exceeded all positive expectations of the organizers Antonella Dedini and Silvia Robertazzi.

A program of 73 films, four workshops and a contest intrigued Milan – whose municipality sponsored and supported the event – from Oct. 9-12 at Anteo spazioCinema, whose furniture and lights were completely renewed for the occasion by the sponsor companies under the supervision of the architect Franz Siccardi.

Design, architecture, environment, music, production and auto-production, science and technologies, graphics – and many other topics – were covered in this 2nd edition of MDFF. It achieved its goal – to attract an audience including architects, designers and design lovers as well as simple curious people in town.

Say the organizers, “The success of this 2nd edition strengthened us and convinced us that Milan is ready to relaunch the Italian design and cinema in the world. The presence of many Italian filmmakers shows that it is the right moment to collect a series of Italian productions fostering design, cinema, architecture and international design.”

The stories about designers and how a project is conceived, about the lives of old and contemporary architects and their buildings, are shown on the big screen. The reading of the cities and of the places that made them famous are told through the film camera of famous authors, filmmakers and up-and-coming directors. Empathy, speed, feeling are currently expressed through the video that wraps us with images, sound and movement as no other media can do.

Says Porzia Bergamasco, curator of MDFF, “I believe that the decision to propose a cross reading of a part of the past and present international architecture and design through language documentaries and different formats, that interpret, on one hand, single biographical issues and, on the other hand, collective theoretical ones of a certain period or of a certain current of thought, was awarded. With its full agenda, the festival gave visitors the possibility to go through the different observation or discussion viewpoints and to make a selection according to their personal pathway and time availability.”

The artist Letizia Cariello gave special attention to the relationship between Music and Architecture: “It was defined the importance to read the relationship between music and architecture in a way that goes beyond the simple definition of the technical competencies of the arts to witness a sensible and intense dialogue to which the audience answered with a generous involvement.”

From Oct. 17- 26, Milano Design Film Festival continues its international schedule at Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, in Belgium, with a selection of films dedicated to the Italian design.