At Cologne’s Orgatec exhibition, Vitra demonstrates how products can shape individual office environments

At the Orgatec office furniture fair (running through Oct. 25), Vitra is presenting several “workstyle” installations to demonstrate how products can shape individual office environments. Integrated in these settings, visitors to the fair will find new products by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Antonio Citterio, Konstantin Grcic, Alberto Meda and Jasper Morrison, as well as a special re-edition of furniture classics by Jean Prouvé.


Designed by Konstantin Grcic, Hack is a table system that anticipates the requirements of companies and employees – a provocative solution which can be understood as a “hack” of the office environment. Grcic counters traditional desks with an innovative functional and aesthetic approach that satisfies the demands of today’s high-tech companies. With its raw wooden panels, Hack presents an unfinished aesthetic at first glance, like a snapshot of an experimental project under development. The system reflects the attitude of companies that similarly define themselves in terms of constant change.

The form of Allstar is emblematic and appealing. It seems as though this chair has always existed, which inspires a feeling of trust and security. Exuding casual ease and comfort, it yields a calming influence and de-accelerates the fast-paced dynamic of today’s offices. At the same time, Allstar contains all the functions necessary for a fully equipped office chair.

Vitra introduced Workbays in 2012 as a flexible solution for creating places to retreat or meet as well as purpose-oriented areas within open office environments. Workbays 90 now supplement this product range with workspaces that combine the requirements of a functional office system with an inviting, relaxed atmosphere. The versatile system lends structure and order to spaces, creating a “home” within the office for individuals as well as teams. In open-plan offices, Workbays 90 provide for the diverse needs of employees on a new level.

The Dutch fashion label G-Star RAW has found an expression of its identity in Jean Prouvé’s designs. Prouvé’s constructive logic and strict utilisation of honest industrial materials not only corresponds to the product philosophy and brand identity of G-Star but also shows a strong affinity to the architecture of Rem Koolhaas’s new G-Star headquarters, built in 2014. Thus it was a consistent decision to completely furnish the offices, conference rooms and canteens with designs created by Jean Prouvé some 70 years ago for the interiors of several French corporations and universities. In the new Prouvé RAW Office Edition, the designs in this crossover collection now become available to other companies and collectors.

In developing the ACS cabinet range, Antonio Citterio sought to create clean architectural lines – when used as freestanding elements, for instance, the cabinets take on a sculptural presence in the room. Crafted with precise workmanship, ACS utilises the most modern technology available for industrial sheet metal processing, exemplified in details such as the extremely thin edges of the side panels – measuring just 7 mm. Thanks to its consistent design vocabulary, the various models of the versatile system can be freely combined while still maintaining a harmonious overall look.

The Super Fold Table folds up completely with a single movement of the hand. The mechanism not only tilts the table top into a vertical position but also simultaneously rotates and aligns the legs of the four-star base so that the whole table is reduced to a single plane just a few centimetres deep. This makes the Super Fold Table an ideal choice for all meeting, event and food service locations where flexibility is key and furnishings are frequently rearranged in different layouts.

In terms of lightness and elegance, Physix Conference even surpasses the Physix office chair, since the four-star base eliminates the need for aluminium braces on the back. Even without the mechanical adjustment options of the office chair, Physix Conference provides dynamic seating and lasting comfort, thanks to its flexible seat frame and elastic textile cover in knit or woven fabric. The chair is an excellent choice for conference and meeting areas in which an image of understated elegance is desired.

The Grand Executive chair combines the elegance of the Grand Repos lounge chair, which was designed by Antonio Citterio for the Vitra Home Collection, with the functionality of a modern office chair. Covered in high-quality leather, its softly padded upholstery provides supreme comfort. Decorative seams highlight the chair’s handcrafted details and delineate its volumetric structure. The FlowMotion mechanism can be adapted to the individual user to ensure synchronised comfort in every sitting position. Together with Grand Repos and Repos, the versions of Grand Executive form a family of chairs that gives a unified look to offices and conference rooms as well as lobbies, waiting zones and reception areas.

Alcove Plume Contract dispenses with visible legs and an external tubular steel frame, which emphasises its reductive design and almost makes it appear like a minimalist sculpture. With their cubic shapes, both sofas serve as architectural elements that can be used to structure interior spaces. In contrast to their emphatically linear contours, they offer the soft comfort of a lounge sofa and bring a sense of familiarity and cosiness to offices and public spaces.

The chairs in the Soft Pad Group by Charles and Ray Eames are now available with new upholstery padding and with Premium Leather covers in a wide range of colours. Premium Leather is also newly offered as a cover material for the Aluminium Chairs. The new palette for Premium Leather comprises 22 shades in three colour groups: warm reddish-browns, cooler green and bluish tones, and contrasting shades with a focus on white-grey-black. The elegant contours of the Soft Pad chairs are highlighted by subtle contrast stitching, which lends them a handcrafted quality.

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