Part 4 of 5: introducing the latest “Study for Nature” furniture project

The “5 Studies for Nature” project – by the School of Design and the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano with the Nikari Oy furniture company – continues.

Says professor Mariano Chernicoff, “Characterised by an ambitious and contemporary approach, the design of Nikari furniture is deeply rooted in the Nordic tradition. Restrained and serene, it respects the essence of wood. Nikari collaborates with international designers and our award-winning collection keeps constantly evolving. Nikari’s passion for wood, contemporary design and superb quality thrives us forward to find new paths for sustainable future with design furniture.”

In 2014 we want to collaborate with design students: to experience young designers’ ideas and visions in practice. Therefore we asked five universities around the world to design a wooden product. The first university; the Aalto University of Finland would begin with a lounge chair, and the next ones would continue the series, one by one.


The Milano study was chosen from one of the products created during the course. It is an LED light with design that emphasizes the aesthetic qualities and the landscapes of the veneer surface. Using just a thin layer – veneer – of wood brings out rather interesting notions of the flexibility and the translucent characteristics of this natural material.

The students are Alessandro Grasso, Alexandra Lunardi, Sara Flamigni and Emanuele Colzani.


Nikari Oy, founded in 1967, is a manufacturer of sustainable wood design products of exquisite quality. The company produces wooden furniture and custom-made furnishings of the local certified wood to public premises as well as private homes. Its founder – master cabinet maker, designer Kari Virtanen – has worked with the greatest Finnish architects and designers such as Alvar Aalto and Kaj Franck. Through decades his determination to concentrate on wood and its ecological benefits has gained the company great knowledge about Finnish wood and surface treatment materials like oils, waxes and soaps.

The Nikari studio is located in the beautiful, unique Fiskars village in southwest Finland, in the oldest machinery workshop of the country.