Molo takes Cologne – releasing its benchwall in Europe and debuting new cantilevered paper worktables

At last week’s Orgatec in Cologne, Canada’s own Molo made hit with its installations, including three public seating areas. The company also officially released its benchwall in Europe, and debuted new cantilevered paper worktables.


Molo’s Benchwall is expandable paper seating that incorporates a tall acoustic backrest/partition; made from continuous sheets of paper honeycombed together, its presents a unique combination of durability, flexibility, and privacy.  Beginning less than 12 inches inches in length, its paper honeycomb expands up to 12 feet. The backrest of the bench, the strength of which is belied by the chair’s humble paper material, is surprisingly comfortable. Springy paper pleats, which extend naturally from the interior honeycomb structure, run vertically along the backrest of benchwall and gently contour to the shape and size of those leaning against it. The height of the backrest also provides acoustic absorption, forming an aural partition that keeps conversation private. With a subtle nod to Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s chair and other high backed seating from the early 20th century, Benchwall creates comfort and focus through privacy and intimacy within surrounding space. 


The new cantilevered worktables by Forsythe + MacAllen continue the idea of flexibility, with a work surface that can flat pack and be easily stored to give open space back to office plans. Like other designs in Molo’s soft collection, the cantilevered worktable is based on lightweight, flexible paper honeycomb that expands, compresses and bends. This design demonstrates the strength of the honeycomb structure. Adjacent, standing height sketching tables feature a tabletop made from stacked sheets of paper that rotate freely around a centre spindle, creating a drawing surface that can be worked on iteratively between multiple people.

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