Normann Copenhagen presents the Still vase, designed by Nick Rennie

Still is a classic and elegant vase in hand-blown glass, created by the Australian designer Nick Rennie. The essence of Still lies in the two cylindrical shapes that meet in soft arched curves and create an organic and stringent mode of expression. This characterful vase looks beautiful both with and without flowers.

The vase was inspired by Rennie’s great love of glass, which he finds fascinating due to the fragile feel and hard finish of the material. Rennie has stripped all decoration away and focusSed on the pure shape of the vase. With its white interior and dense profile, in either clear or coloured polished glass, Still has a light feel while at the same time appearing robust and durable.

Says Rennie, ”With Still I wanted to create a vase that seems both familiar and new at the same time. I have varied the shape, so both versions have their own, unique character. A high and slender, and short and rounded version makes Still suitable for both long-stemmed flowers as well as large, thick bouquets.”

The vase is available in two sizes in white and grey.


Nick Rennie started his own design studio – Happy Finish Design – in 2001, after completing his studies in industrial design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. With a penchant for simple design, he endeavours to create products with a visual balance and harmony between the idiom and materials used.

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