Bulthaup Toronto and MADE jointly present “Simulacra” exhibition by Christina Zeidler

The latest exhibition at Bulthaup Toronto is Christina Zeidler’s “Simulacra” – an on-going exploration of the poetic possibilities of the simulated image to evoke emotion. The photographic elements of the installation create a false deep-woods environment through the use of high fidelity nature photography. This technique quotes photographic nature wallpaper, a cliché of tacky design and simulated experiences.

“Simulacra” plays with the familiarity of this cliché, elevating the materials with the use of technologically advanced materials (large-format, high-fidelity images), which are the materials of industrial advertising but which are used to play the most basic “trick” of perception: suggesting nature in a constructed environment. The exhibition seeks to expose the interplay between materials and printed image by using the potential of technology to push our perception of reality.


Christina Zeidler is a Toronto-based artist with gallery installation and works in film projects. She was named one of Toronto’s 10 best filmmakers by Cameron Bailey, artistic director of TIFF. Zeidler is one-half of the Euro-electronica-pop-diva sensation “ina unt ina” and part of the newly formed band “Mintz.”  She was one of the founding curators of CUTMR, was a feature designer at IIDEX 2012, shows her design work at MADE, and has a feature film in development. She is also president and developer of the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, with 37 artist designed hotel rooms, and took a community-based approach to the redevelopment of the building and business. 


“Simulacra” runs at Bulthaup Toronto through December. The opening reception is Wed., Oct. 29, 6 to 8 p.m. Bulthaup Toronto is located at 280 King St. E., Suite 100.