What to do at IIDEX14: here are the Top 10 selling seminars

In less than two weeks more than 20,000 people will head to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to check out #IIDEX14. With its wide array of educational programming, seminars are selling out fast. IIDEXCanada’s Conference planning team has put together a list of this year’s top 10 selling IDCEC HSW seminars. 

Case Study: Delta Hotel Rebrand and Toronto Southcore Project 

This exclusive talk provides an in-depth look at Toronto’s new Delta Hotel rebranding into a leading four-star hotel. Join interior designer Jon Kastle (pictured), architect Mansoor Kazerouni, lighting designer Joe Berardi, and landscape architect Bruce Corban in a panel moderated by VP of design and construction, Bill Tom. The team will talk about bringing their respective disciplines together to deliver on this project. Click here to learn more about this seminar.

The Art of Transformation: Create a New Brand Experience that Appeals to Old and New Customers

Ever wonder how to turn your two-dimensional work into a successful three-dimensional environment? In this seminar, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, expert in branded environments, will share with you the way in which he’s guided organizations through successful reinvention of their brands in a continually evolving retail and commercial landscape. Click here to learn more about this seminar.

Why Do Smart Companies Value Design? Insight from Industry leaders

Designers know that successful design investment is integral to a company’s competitive and innovative strategy. Based on a series of interviews with business leaders, Arlene Gould, Paul Rowan, Kevin Stolarick and Susan Wiggins (pictured) discuss research findings that can help your business and strategies. Click here to learn more about this seminar.

Working with the Media 101

Generating media coverage can seem like a daunting task when you are unfamiliar with the tools available to you to tell your story. Maria Cook, through this seminar, will explain the tools you can use to navigate the media landscape, generate your own coverage and be your own PR pro. Click here to learn more about this seminar.

Applying the ASHRAE 62.1 Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP) in Office Buildings and Educational Facilities

Join Charles J. Seyffer as he focuses on the advantages of using air filtration to remove contaminants while reducing the outside air for energy savings. Click here to learn more about this seminar.

Simplifying Complexity – Furniture, Sustainability and the Shifting World of Green Building

BIFMA created a multi-attribute sustainability program to assist architects and designers when it comes to specifying commercial furniture to meet rigorous environmental criteria. Join Paul Shahriari as he explores this standard and its impact on green building. Click here to learn more about this seminar.

Beyond the Digital Divide: How to Bridge the Generation Gap for a More Productive Workplace

Millenials are rapidly changing the workforce. Digital natives have grown up with technology and bring with them new and differing perspectives to the workplace, often challenging established practices. In her seminar, leadership expert Vanessa Judleman will debunk misconceptions about this generation, share tips on creating a better work culture and why this generation’s input is critical to the future of work. Click here to learn more about this seminar.

The Blogosphere: Feeding the Monster and Why Content is King

Getting press, ‘going viral’, ‘SEO’, ‘driving traffic’ and so on can be intimidating which can lead you to feel that it’s too hard to get published. Richelle Sibolboro, Communication Editor at TAS, breaks through the jargon and will give you tips on selecting the right channels to get your message out. Click here to learn more about this seminar.

Manmade Natural: The Truth About Fake Materials

Natural is good and manmade is bad, or is it? These preconceived notions designers have affect the materials they choose for the projects they design. Join Grace Jeffers as she debunks some commonly held, yet perhaps misguided beliefs.  Click here to learn more about this seminar.

You Are Not Your Job! Prevent Burn Out and Create Sustainable Work/Life Balance

Time, energy and creativity are finite resources. Finding that happy medium between your personal and work life is key to avoiding frustration and feeling unfulfilled. In this seminar, Liesbet Trappenburg will help you identify ways to adjust your lifestyle to create and maintain this balance. Click here to learn more about this seminar.

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