Coming to town (Woodbridge, Ont.) for a special signing event: Lladr president Rosa Lladr

Rosa Lladró, president of Lladró and daughter of co-founder Juan Lladró, will visit Canada on Dec. 6 for a special signing Event at Desirée China & Gifts in Woodbridge, Ont.

A special selection of Lladró pieces, including new fall introductions, will be available at the signing events. Among other pieces, the Spanish brand will feature the new creation Eros and Psyche, inspired by one of the best love stories in classic mythology. The sculpture represents a particular vision of Eros (cupid) and Psyche (soul) as cherubs. The piece is remarkable for its high sculptural value and the tenderness that it evokes.

In addition, this fall Lladró is rolling out its new image, with a new global campaign that combines the magic of memory with the essence of the classic, two aspects that have always defined this historical porcelain brand ever since its beginnings. The new image manages to capture a unique visual world based on the analog code that sustains all the brand’s creations, from its classics to its high porcelain pieces, as well as the more innovative experimental designs conceived by Lladró Atelier.

This is a unique opportunity for art and design lovers to meet Rosa Lladró and celebrate the excellence of art made entirely in Spain.

Rosa Lladró is the daughter of Juan Lladró, the eldest of the brand’s founding brothers. After studying at the San Carlos School of Fine Arts in Valencia, she went on to take several courses at IESE (Business Studies Institute) and at other business schools. Rosa was appointed a member of the Lladró Board of Directors in 1984 and is its chairperson since 2003. She has been running the company since 2007.

In addition to her work in Lladró, Rosa has participated in other initiatives to drive forward design for interiors. At the current moment she is the president of the Spanish Confederation of Glass and Ceramics, a member of the board of directors and the board of management of the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands and a member of the board of directors of the Círculo Español del Lujo Fortuny, association of Spanish luxury brands. Her main interests are the fine arts and dance.

Established in 1953 by three brothers, Lladró has been recognized as the world’s most iconic and respected luxury brand of hand-crafted porcelain sculptures. Lladró stands for art and prestige. Its work is varied, ever-evolving and celebrates everything good and beautiful in life. Even today, every Lladró masterpiece is 100 per cent made in the brand’s workshops in Valencia – Spain.

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