The latest from the Netto table designed by Giuseppe Gioia

Giuseppe Gioia has designed the Netto table for, which “turns the best ideas into exclusive, eco-friendly products 100 per cent made in Italy.” It combines elegant design and functionality. Its cutting-edge and sharp lines expressed in clean shape come from the contrast between the materials it’s made of: steel and wood.

The steel legs sustain the wooden top due to the joints that follow the chamfering angle, characterizing the design of the table. The wooden top, which can be lacquered or veneered, is made with a machined finish that gives a sense of lightness.

Available in a variety of finishes and colours, Netto comes in three different lengths, to accommodate four, six or eight people. 


Giuseppe Gioia studied in Rome, where he graduated in Architecture and Interior Design in 2009. Later he went back to Basilicata, to Policoro (MT), where he grew up and now lives. Design for him is to turn a thought into a sketch, imagine it and make people happy with it. Says he about Formabilio,“Formabilio shortens the distance between concept, prototype and marketing of a product, it represents the perfect match between the idea and the making. Formabilio is also an international showcase able to give visibility to anyone that has an idea in mind.”


Formabilio is an Italian brand of eco-friendly furniture and home accessories conceived by designers from all over the world through online contests, chosen by a community of design lovers, manufactured by small companies of the Made in Italy and available online on the e-commerce platform 

Formabilio is a design brand: crowdsourced, thanks to the community of more than 100.000 registered users – that pick the best projects to put to production among those submitted to the design contest; made in Italy because the winning ideas are turned into furniture by small manufacturingcompanies, partners of Formabilio, and eco-friendly as our products have a green design and are made of locally sourced timber, recycled or regenerated fabrics with water based varnish or natural oil finish.