Blumohito “makes an entrance” at the Downtown Design exhibition in Dubai

Dubai is emerging as a new and vibrant location for design: at the foot of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, the second edition of Downtown Design took place. The event, with its clever mix of good design and culture, brought to Dubai some of interior design names. Among them was Blumohito – an Italian brand that creates water and green installations for interiors – which was invited by the organization to create an installation at the entrance of the exhibition.

This project had to be a work of art rather than design. Called Green Dunes, it was handcrafted in Italy by Blumohito, based on an original art project by Aldo Cibic, who had been invited to give a speech focussed on the Italian Design community and his personal experience.

The art project Green Dunes is a tribute to Dubai and a celebration of life. Cibic investigated “micro-landscaping,” focussing on some core themes of the Gulf culture: this explains why the sinuous line that separates desert from life here emphasizes the contrast of the lush vegetation, suddenly appearing like an oasis in the desert. The desert itself is not sterile, as life makes its way even in harsh conditions. The lonesome tree is telling us this, and his benign presence gives shade, relief and protection. Unlike anywhere else,  in the Gulf life is impelled by the presence of men, and even a desert dune can be turned into a green hill. The mirror frame blurs the boundary line between the installation and the viewer, as if a mirage was occurring. Likewise, the border between art and design – or between object and experience – is dazzled.

Green Dunes was made of natural sand using SAG (Smart Acoustic Green) technology. Following the acclaim received during Downtown Design exhibition, it has been selected to be shown at La Galerie Nationale, in Dubai.


Blumohito is a young and vibrant brand that creates water and green installations for interiors. All Blumohito works are handcrafted in Italy, using proprietary technologies and exclusive finishes. Besides custom installations, Blumohito product range offers a wide selection of interior water and green features, all characterized by both their minimalist design, and the palette of materials and formats: from a whole wall surface to a natural painting, or to a self-standing feature. Unique objects capable of generating emotions and a sense of well-being.

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