As an encore for Emeco, Philippe Starck follows up his Broom Chair with Broom Stools

Answering customer demand, Emeco and Philippe Starck have created Broom Stools, made of 90-per-cent industrial waste. Together with Broom by Starck, the popular chair introduced in 2012, Broom Stools, which come in two heights – Counter Stool and Barstool – will form the Broom Collection. The Broom Chair and Stools are one-piece (mono-block) designs, which ensure strength and uniformity.

Emeco’s exploration of innovative ways to up-cycle waste and use reclaimed resources in their products led to an entirely new material in 2012 when they created the Broom Chair. Broom Chair and Broom Stools are made with that material consisting of 75-per-cent waste polypropylene and 15-per-cent waste wood fibre. The Broom Stools are available in the same colours as Broom Chair: green, orange, white, yellow, dark grey and natural.

Says Magnus Breitling, V-P of Product, Emeco, “As we worked with Starck to design the Broom Barstool we kept in mind the limited space at a bar in a restaurant or hotel. We reduced the seat width while maintaining the comfort. Like its ancestor the Broom Chair, the Broom Barstool is more than just a ‘mono-block’ stool. Through the use of waste materials, technology ensuring excellent quality with a long life, and energy conservation in production and transportation, we created an eco-friendly, people-friendly and sustainable ‘mono-block] chair and stool collection.” 


The American furniture company Emeco was founded in 1944 to make lightweight, non-corrosive, fire resistant and torpedo proof chairs for the U.S. Navy. The classic 1006 Navy Chair was born, and served duty on American Navy submarines and battleships. Today Emeco craftsmen in Hanover, Pennsylvania, continue to handcraft chairs that are so strong they are passed down through generations – that’s how the company defines “sustainability.” Emeco is leading the industry, exploring and innovating ways to use consumer and industrial waste, and environmentally responsible resources to create and build simple, timeless furniture. It works with the world’s best designers and influential corporations – including Philippe Starck, Norman Foster, BMW, Frank Gehry, Coca-Cola, Jean Nouvel, Konstantin Grcic and Nendo, and make chairs that live up to the standards that we inherited from our founders with a vision to make a difference.

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