Scavolini obtains a rating indicating the highest level of financial and economic reliability

CRIBIS D&B has awarded Scavolini its D&B Rating 1, a status indicating that a company offers the very highest level of economic-financial reliability in B2B business transactions.

Assigned to only 6 per cent of Italy’s more than 5-million firms each year, D&B Rating 1 ranks an organization’s financial soundness and thus its business reliability at the very highest level and is only awarded to corporations that constantly maintain exceptional economic-financial reliability and impeccable punctuality in their payments.

Scavolini views this accolade as an outstanding achievement, confirming the company’s soundness and the efficiency of its management, which has always prioritised excellence, innovation, quality and stability in its financial and managerial dealings.

The award of the highest credit rating also certifies that the company is free from insolvency risk, providing an excellent basis for relations with financial and business partners (banks, investment firms, customers and suppliers).

The D&B Rating is assigned by CRIBIS D&B, a CRIF Group company specializing in the supply of financial information, credit scoring and business decision-making solutions. Thanks to its membership of the D&B Worldwide Network, CRIBIS D&B guarantees the highest quality standards and the greatest possible coverage in economic and business information concerning companies all over the world.

The D&B Rating 1 joins the many other certifications Scavolini also holds. In 2008, the Scavolini Group became Italy’s first industrial group in the fitted kitchens sector to obtain OHSAS 18001:2007 certification of its Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, reflecting the great commitment and awareness it has always shown towards the protection of its employees’ wellbeing. Like the certifications of its Quality Management System and Environmental Management System, awarded in 2004, Scavolini’s OHSAS 18001:2007 certification was issued by SGS Italia, an independent body which is world leader in the auditing, testing and certification of industrial goods and services. The synergy between the three systems has enabled the optimisation of the company’s performance and the pursuance of the “continuous improvement” that is the primary objective required by international standards and Corporate Policy. Further reflecting its commitment to this area, in 2008 Scavolini received the MERIT AWARD, a prestige award conferred by SGS – world leader in the inspection, audit, analysis and certification of products, services and systems – to companies which have shown a particularly high level of commitment to quality control, safety, the environment and social responsibility.


Scavolini was founded in Pesaro in 1961 thanks to the enterprise of the brothers Valter and Elvino Scavolini, and grew in just a few years from a small fitted kitchen building workshop to one of Italy’s biggest industrial concerns. In 1984 Scavolini became Italian leader in the sector, and it still holds that status today. The company rapidly grew to impressive size and now it works from a factory on a site of 204,000 square metres (with buildings of 90,000 square metres), which employs 550 people. The result of the company’s commitment is reflected in its turnover, which reached 175 million Euro in 2013. What’s more, the supply chain of producers of modular parts, which has grown up around the firm over the years, is now an important factor in the local economy.