For Formabilio – the “made in Italy” design online shop – Livia Chisari creates whimsical shelves

The Volatevia shelved, designed by Livia Chisari for Formabilio, bring to mind ;eaves blown by a gust of wind, arranged along the walls of the home – adding a poetic yet functional touch.

Volatevia shelves are made of bent metal sheets, very simple to fix to the wall. They provide a creative and original solution, perfect at the entrance as empty pockets, in a living room as original bookshelf, in the bathroom and even in the bedroom instead of the nightstand.

The shelves are available in three different colours: white, to create shadow tricks on the wall; green, recalling springtime; and yellow, for autumn nostalgia. 


Livia Chisari was born in Paternò ( Sicily) and graduated in Architecture at the University of Catania. She works mainly as freelancer in the restoration field and digital communications: churches, monasteries and ruined castles are her home. She got involved with design when she started working on details, like the imperceptible finishes of the restoration projects she is working on. She likes the idea of turning common objects into something special thanks to a tiny detail that will transform it in a unique creation.

Says she about Formabilio, “During this research I discovered Formabilio, quite by accident. I saw the spirit of the competition, the quality of products and the opportunity to share, discuss and improve, so I couldn’t resist to get involved.”


Formabilio turns the best ideas into exclusive, eco-friendly products 100% made in Italy. It is an Italian brand of eco-friendly furniture and home accessories conceived by designers from all over the world through online contests, chosen by a community of design lovers, manufactured by small companies of “Made in Italy” and available online on the e-commerce platform 

Formabilio is a design brand: crowdsourced, thanks to the community of more than 100.000 registered users (who pick the best projects to put to production among those submitted to the design contest); made in Italy, because the winning ideas are turned into furniture by small manufacturing companies, partners of Formabilio; and eco-friendly as the products are made of locally sourced timber, recycled or regenerated fabrics with water based varnish or natural oil finish.  For more information, visit