B3 captures modernity in a new sculpture installation

As part of a creative partnership with the architectural firm B3, DUBUC introduces Close Up, an installation by Sébastien Breton that integrates into the Saint-Pierre Street classic menswear boutique.

In an attempt to represent the constant movement and dynamism of urbanity, Close Up is designed to appear to be in perpetual motion. “I like to draw upon change and contemporary art for inspiration,” explains Philippe Dubuc. “Sébastien’s installation, the second that we have had to good fortune to host, is a playful and ephemeral work that blends easily with the designs, but also leads the observer elsewhere.”

Close Up is comprised of segments of an immense galvanized steel culvert from Soleno, a company in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Cut and painted bright yellow on the inside, the segments were placed to create a concentric effect that brings to mind the name of the piece itself – Close Up.

“I like to provide something for people to experience, to spark a conversation with the texture of the material. DUBUC’s designs – their cuts, silhouettes and textures – really speak to me,” explains Sébastien Breton, president of B3. “Close Up gives everyone the chance to share a story and to live a sensorial urban experience in the city.”