Normann Copenhagen presents the bold Basic line of wine accessories

Danish designer Simon Legald has created the Basic series of wine accessories for Normann Copenhagen. The series consists of four items; a foil cutter, a wine stopper, a corkscrew, and a pouring spout for oxidizing the wine. Legald’s design aim was to cut out all unnecessary details and gimmicks in order to focus on the raw form and basic function.

With a fondness for reinterpreting traditional products, the designer took well-known wine accessories as his starting point. He has added a fresh and unique character to the Basic series by using industrial materials such as titanium-coated stainless-steel and silicone. The coating makes the material extra strong and gives it an exclusive silky matt finish. The organic shapes and the finish add warmth and nostalgia to the design and soften the expression.

Basic is light and comfortable to hold and the satin-like surface ensures that the wine flows easily.

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