Easy being green: a fresh new pharmacy opens in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Sergio Mannino Studio has designed a fresh new space for Careland Pharmacy in Brooklyn Heights. The subtext of the design approach is the constant juxtaposition of ideas.

In order to underline the clinical quality of the pharmacy, the shelves were given a high-gloss treatment in white.

The soft and sensual curves created by 70 linear feet of undulating shelves provide warmth and a sense of humour.

The bright-green floor, composed of a pattern of hand-drawn bandaids (made by Mannino himself) introduces a playfulness and friendliness.

Similar juxtapositions are found in the visual identity and communications developed by Jonathan Wajskol, principal at Designwajskol (www.designwajskol.com)

Starting with the name Careland, along with the pharmacy’s tagline, “We take care seriously,” the typography is a mix of script (representing a warm and friendly approach) and, in contrast, an all-caps sans-serif font (a version of Futura) that emphasizes the cleanliness, seriousness, and precision associated with the operation.

The entire project is an example of contemporary design, yet at the same time, it is full of traditional references relating to healthcare. Dark green is typically associated with pharmacies, and so the colour was pushed to an extreme, “to just before it became something that would no longer be associated with a pharmacy,” says Mannino. 

The shade is also a manmade colour and not a green that is associated with natural elements.

Virtually every pharmacy around the world uses the cross as an identifier and so the team created its own version of the symbol by drawing it by hand. While its appearance is friendly and informal, it still retains a clear association with health and pharmacy culture.

For more about the designer, visit www.sergiomannino.com