Scavolini introduces the modular Motus kitchen

The latest kitchen from Scavolini is Motus, designed by Vittore Niolu.

Says the designer, “Today the kitchen, together with the living room, is ever more dedicated to communication and sharing. It is no longer only a functional area for the preparation of food, but is also a space for relationships, informal and welcoming. Motus integrates two opposites: at one extreme we find emotions, a close connection with things, natural beauty. At the opposite extreme, the unexpected: bright colours, shiny finishes, strong colour variations. This is the basic principle of the design, side by side with the taste for an elegant and discreet style which allows customisation and improvement of one’s own private space. This is Motus: it can be grouped by function, or it can be broken down according to the space and reconfigured over time. Individual elements can stand independently, able to autonomously perform the function for which they were designed”  

The result of in-depth research into the evolution of contemporary living and of design approach for kitchens, Motus is a modular kitchen, highly customizable and unconventional in the sense of its ability to be remodelled, which gives great creative freedom. Able to be reconfigured over time according to the space and functional requirements, Motus brings together individual units, which can carry out their functions independently.

All the units are available both in lacquered and melamine versions and can be mixed amongst themselves to give the greatest personalization of the room.

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