Wilsonart debuts 2015 residential laminate collection in the “spirit of mindfulness”

Overwhelmed. Stressed. Hectic. For many individuals, the last several years have been filled with a sense of uncertainty. Fueled in part by a turbulent economy, today’s more budget-savvy and eco-conscious consumers have responded by making their homes the calm eye in the storm of life. For many, this translates to finding a “spirit of mindfulness” within themselves and expressing it in their surroundings. Think Balance, Comfort, Authenticity. Their home space features thoughtful selections from design choices to decor and accessories that reflect long-term value, functional aesthetics, touches of luxury and elements of optimism as a counterpoint to the over-stimulated external environment.

Taking a cue from this zeitgeist, Wilsonart’s design team debuts 27 designs in the 2015 Wilsonart Residential Laminate Collection is previewing at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas through Jan. 22, The collection will be available nationwide in summer 2015.

“The spirit of mindfulness is evident in residential interior design as homeowners recover from the austerity of the last few years,” says Natalia Smith, Wilsonart design manager. “While still focussed on style, consumers want their home to showcase their personality. The emphasis has shifted to living in and enjoying their home, rather than improving it solely for future real estate value.”

The carefully curated collection delivers designs that achieve the luxurious look of hardwoods and exotic stones, as well as intricate patterns, bold colours and visual textures. The patterns in the 2015 home collection continue Wilsonart’s heritage of offering beautiful, affordable and sustainable surface solutions.

Wilsonart’s design group identified four key themes that bring the spirit of mindfulness to life:

SUPER NATURAL Technology touches everything these days and in the quest for the perfect combination of nature and man-made, there is a growing appreciation for “beyond natural.” The warmth of nature inspired colour and complex textures celebrates our resources while providing beautiful and durable surfaces.

EVERYDAY LUXURY Today’s “everyday luxury” reflects the appreciation of fine craftsmanship for the everyday – whether it’s using your good China dishes and silver at the dinner table or by indulging in a single decadent, gourmet piece of dark chocolate. With large-scale movement and real-life textures, these patterns bring practical opulence to the heart of the home.

STICKS & STONES The rise of individuality has allowed consumers to embrace their genuine vision for themselves and their homes, opening up personal curation with confidence. Now we see unique and unexpected combinations of materials and design details creating highly personal expressions of style.

STYLISTIC HISTORY Representing a modern update on styles past, “stylistic history” has a retro feel with fun patterns, unusual textures and bold colors. With a nod to simpler times, these intricate patterns and bright pops of color evoke optimism, a touch of whimsy and a promising future.

The 27 designs in the 2015 Wilsonart Residential Laminate offering are available in varying categories and finishes.

For more information, visit www.Wilsonart.com