New Dutch company Focused debuts its first design: a table made from worn-out skateboards

Just-launched Rotterdam-based Focused is a company that www.speaks well for itself:

“We love wood, especially seven-ply maple. We love the way it rides and we love the way it looks. Saying goodbye to an old skateboard is never easy. Most of us never say goodbye, just keep our old rides stocked aside. Some are broken. Some are just worn out. Others simply leave their old decks behind after collecting their new wood at skate stores. In the end, they all end-up in a dark corner of a basement, attic or warehouse.

“We make design furniture. No matter how old a skateboard is, the colours of those old seven plies are still full of life. Our designs using recycled, defective and worn out skateboards, give those old rides a new life. Instead of letting them fade in the dark, we let those seven plies shine in your studio, office or home. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it.”

Its first product is called DecksTop. The top is made out of recycled skateboards collected at local skate stores and factories around Europe. The frame is constructed from stainless steel. Focused works exclusively with FSC wood.

DecksTop comes in two sizes. DecksTop 33 is 200x90x77cm (l x w x h); it is constructed from 33 skateboard decks. DecksTop 39 is 240x90x77cm (l x w x h); it is constructed from 39 skateboard decks.

The colours of each DecksTop table are unique and dependent on the available skateboards that have been collected. Specific colour variations cannot be guaranteed. 

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