Works well with others: introducing the delightful Aia pouf from Ondarreta

Ondarreta is a beach, and a carpenter’s shop. Ondarreta is one of the three beaches that wash the bay in the city of San Sebastián on the north coast of Spain. A beach that holds the secrets and romanticism of those who would take a summer dip in its water, and the roots of a woodworking shop that would later become the beginning of a family history dedicated to the design and manufacture of furniture. Still today, Ondarreta continues to create timeless pieces, reinforcing its commitment to versatility, character, style and design as values that set it apart.

“Chairs and tables” is how Ondarreta defines its proposal. No more, no less. Backed by three generations dedicated to carpentry, its collection comes in families of chairs and tables that function. Great care is taken to ensure that each family of products is wide-ranging, with several formats for a same design to provide solutions for the requirements of project managers, proposing different ways of sitting on and distributing seats.

The new Ondarreta collections are the fruit of long conversations with designers, friends and clients. 

One of our favourites – introduced at IMM Cologne – is the Aia pouf. Each works on its own as a comfortable triangle or in a group of six forming a circle. Aia is designed for any public or private relaxation space, with fine seam details and a wide range of colours like Ondarreta’s upholstery.

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