Ghislaine Vias creates two cheeky designs for Flavor Paper

Brooklyn Flavor Paper likes to look for inspiration in a variety of places and from different perspectives. This year renowned interior designer Ghislaine Viñas fit the bill. Best known for her use of humour and passion for colour – and a longtime fan of Flavor Paper – Viñas has designed two wallpapers for the company, her first-ever product collaboration.

The first is MOCK ROCK. Inspired by a natural rock fireplace at Viñas’s home, it depicts different shaped rocks sketched in a unique juxtaposition for a “Flintstones” feel. Says the designer, “I simply love the idea of taking a wall texture and creating a tongue-in-cheek variation of it.” The background colour options (Opal, Dolomite, Epidote and Sodalite) each bring a new feeling to the wallpaper as well as to the rooms it will line.

The second is TIT-FOR-TATT. It playfully combines Viñas’s love for polka dots with tattoo art for an unsuspecting marriage of patterns that will look traditional from afar, and surprisingly “sarcastic” up close.

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