Luxiona Group lights up the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi, the parliament of Vietnam and the Unicredit headquarters in Milan

Through its brands Troll, Metalarte and Sagelux, Luxiona Group – based in Canovelles (Barcelona) and with 85 years experience – generates 70 per cent of its international business and ended 2014 with a 10 per cent increase in turnover.

Luxiona Group employs a team of 500 people and has six production plants, four logistics centres and 11 sales offices established in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Turnover for 2014 was €50M, which is a 10-per-cent increase over the previous year, when the restructuring of the company necessitated by the crisis in the sector was completed. The increased business in Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe is particularly noteworthy. Currently, over 70 per cent of business is at an international level, the Group being responsible for flagship lighting projects such as the new Parliament of Vietnam, the Louvre in Abu Dhabi by Jean Nouvel, the Unicredit headquarters in Milan and the MAPFRE headquarters in Mexico, and accompanying the world’s major fashion retailers (such as Sephora, Cortefiel and Desigual) in their store openings in cities like Beijing, New York, Mexico City, Barcelona, Milan and San Francisco.

Luxiona Group designs, produces and markets a wide range of lighting products through its three brands (Troll, Metalarte and Sagelux) to offer comprehensive solutions for large projects (technical lighting, decorative lighting and emergency lighting, respectively). Its extensive international presence and its own plants (Poland, China, Mexico, Peru and two in Spain), have positioned Luxiona Group as a leading partner in lighting solutions for global clients and unique projects.

The future of Luxiona Group is to continue strengthening international markets, especially the U,S., Asia-Pac, EMEA and Latin America, and working on innovation and design as part of the strategy of a company that is constantly developing new functions and applications to offer the best solutions for each project and excellent value for money to tackle custom lighting projects.



Founded in 1929, the brand specializing in the technical and architectural lighting segment bases its strategy on designing high performance products and developing innovative lighting solutions. Its global lighting solutions are present in retail projects, hotels, offices and major works.


A brand that is part of the history of Spanish design. Over 80 years providing high quality solutions in decorative lighting. Designs produced with the collaboration and support of major designers, whose personality decorates homes and popular hotel and retail projects.


Safety applied to design. Specializing in the creation and development of a comprehensive range of products for emergency lighting, complying with the regulations but without forgetting the most innovative aesthetic trends.


Luxiona is a robust, experienced lighting group based in Spain and with extensive international presence, formed by the companies Troll, Metalarte and Sagelux; specializing in providing the best solutions in design, production and marketing of lighting for architectural, professional, domestic and temporary spaces. It has sales offices in Spain, Mexico, China, Poland, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Singapore, Chile and Peru.

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