Berlin-based gallery concept LUMAS opens in Toronto and Vancouver

Art can bring a space to life; but sometimes finding that perfect, unique piece that suits your personal style can be difficult. Enter LUMAS. The Berlin-based home gallery concept offers affordably priced, authentic works by a curated selection of more than 160 artists from around the world in the areas of photography, digital art and contemporary design. LUMAS has created a new space for art, where original art can easily be discovered, experienced and acquired.

Erin Lang, a young entrepreneur from Toronto, was in New York in early 2014, when she fell in love with the LUMAS gallery and concept and immediately knew it was perfect for Canada, finding there was a gap in the market for great yet affordable art.

“I love how LUMAS caters to everyone and doesn’t discriminate against the more artistic customer and someone who just has great style and taste and wants to reflect that in their home,” says Lang, managing director LUMAS Canada. “LUMAS does not compete against galleries; if anything it’s helping cultivate the next generation of collectors and enthusiasts by making art more approachable and accessible.”

LUMAS’s high-quality prints not only reflect a personal style but are unique in nature as works are available as hand-signed originals in limited editions, usually of 75 to 150. All works come in multiple sizes; and with a collection from more than 160 artists, there is something for everyone but no neighbour or friend will have the same piece.

LUMAS speaks to the liberation of art. It’s their mission to provide museum and gallery quality art and photography available to a broader demographic. By offering limited edition and exclusive works in varying sizes and formats, a variety of contemporary works are easily accessible to all.

“Toronto has always been a hub for incredible design and decor. Opening LUMAS here, and in what’s becoming a revitalized Yorkville, was a natural fit,” says Lang. “LUMAS dedication to – literally – the world of art, is something a world-class city, such as Toronto, will embrace.”

LUMAS Toronto will open in Yorkville in May 2015. The opening event will feature one of LUMAS’s renowned photographers as well as other special guests. More information will follow closer to the date. Currently LUMAS art can be purchased in Vancouver or online at 

LUMAS has created a new space for art, which offers young collectors and all art-lovers a diverse selection of works by over 160 established artists and emerging talents. With more than 35 galleries across the world in Germany, London, New York, Zurich, Vienna and Paris more than 1,400 works are available as original photographs in editions of 75 to 150. Signed by the artist, these editions enable LUMAS to offer art at affordable prices, starting from just $100. LUMAS makes museum-quality art photography affordable for everyone.