For exhibition “Design to the dish,” Valencia-based Odosdesign pulls a fast one on “fast food”

Combining gastronomy, craftwork and design: that was the premise of “Design to the dish,” an exhibition organized by the Association of Designers of the Region of Valencia (ADCV) for Valencia Design Week (wrapping up today) – which Odosdesign joined along with another 14 design studios. For the exhibition, each studio had to design a recipient which contained a special recipe from a chef and which could be prepared by a master craftsman with his own hands.

Odosdesign, a design company specializing in product, communication and art direction, contributed a piece of a silverware inspired by street food: eating in the street, outdoors, in a park, in an area with views, with friends on the ground.

As Odosdesign puts its: “Fast food without compromising quality. A sole as a symbol of the ‘take away,’ of urban marks on concrete floor, of personalized footsteps. Regarding the content, what symbol better represents take away food than a hamburger? Mind you, with a gourmet and Mediterranean touch. A Denia shrimp hamburger with squid ink bread, by chef Jordi Martinez from O3 Gastronomy (Jauja, Zoco Bar and Llámame Lola). A recipient made of glass by craftswoman J.Sorribes. Ultimately, an idea which aims to surprise and raise a smile; a dish that leaves its mark on dinner guests.”

Odosdesign’s design was exhibited at the Centre Cultural La Nau, along with another 14 creative studios, composed of designers, chefs and craftspeople. The exhibition included several graphic projects applied to the gastronomy world: from visual identities to signs, billboards, letters, etc.

The designed recipients were raffled off and the collected funds were given to the Valencia Food Bank.

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