New from Atelier-D: Offset Boxes & Trays

The latest product from designer Jonathan Dorthe for his company Atelier-D is Offset Boxes & Trays.

Says the designer, “This project is a series of geometric wooden trays and boxes of different sizes and shapes. The name ‘offset’ comes from the technique employed to create the trays: the smallest piece is cut first and then the other contours are offset from that first shape, maximizing the use of material. The contours of the trays are cut from one big piece of solid birch and then assembled with bottoms and feet. The boxes are also sculpted from solid birch, and come with either an etched black or frosted cover.

“The trays and boxes can be assembled in many fun ways. You can store small objects in the boxes like jewellery or pencils. You can use the trays in the kitchen to serve food, to display your collection of perfume or liquor bottles.”

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