The World Interiors News Awards 2015 are open for entry

In September 2010, World Interiors News was launched as the sister publication to World Architecture News, the digital publisher to the global architectural community. Last year’s World Interiors News (WIN) Awards attracted 610 entries from 459 companies across 53 countries.


  • 05 January 2015: Awards Open
  • 16 March 2015: Early Bird Discount (20% discount) Ends
  • 05 June 2015: Awards Close
  • July 2015: Judging takes place and shortlist is announced
  • November 2015: Winners announced




Bars. Standalone or multiple bars or clubs, public houses, cocktails lounges, wine bars, speakeasies, brew pubs, sports bars and private members’ clubs. Including bars found in hotel, retail, transport or other spaces. Identity and ambience created through considered interiors are key in this category.

Hotels. The Hotels category celebrates exceptional hotel design from leading designers and the projects they create with hotel developers, owners and operators. From hostels, bed and breakfasts, villas and suite hotels to boutiques, chalets, safari lodges and luxury hotels, this category includes chain or independent establishments and both new build, conversion, restoration and refurbishment projects.

Leisure or Entertainment Venues. Including theatres, concert halls, spas, health clubs, gyms, salons, cinemas, stadiums and sports centres. We are looking for unique venues designed to enhance the experience of all who visit. This category acknowledges interior spaces designed with an understanding of their clientele, offering the highest levels of quality and convenience to enhance the user experience.

Lighting Projects. Including architectural and aesthetic lighting projects for small cafés, retail environments, interior and exterior installations, through to major architectural developments, public buildings, residential projects, hotels, workplace and natural lighting projects. This category acknowledges inventive lighting solutions that enhance and emphasise unique character of a particular space.

Museum or Exhibition Spaces. Be it for a specific subject or a versatile gallery, this category features the very best in museum and exhibition spaces incorporating custom lighting solutions with superior display design for temporary or permanent installations from around the world.

Public Sector. This category showcases interior schemes for civic, transport, education or healthcare projects, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, spiritual centres, libraries, parliamentary buildings and embassies. Projects that demonstrate carefully considered spatial planning for ease of public use combined with a universal appeal will fare well in this category.

Residential Interiors. From one-off family homes and apartments to country houses and chateaux, both new builds, conversions and renovations. This category awards interior space design, product installation and interior decoration to improve aesthetics and functionality.

Restaurants. This category acknowledges ingenuity, innovation and finesse in restaurant interior design projects worldwide, including fine dining establishments, cafés, canteens, coffee shops, fast food outlets, pop-ups and street food stalls. Restaurants can be standalone or multiple, or found within hotel, retail, transport or other spaces.

Retail Interiors. Including ateliers, showrooms, retail outlets, shopping centres, stores and pop-ups. This increasingly popular category awards the best in cutting-edge retail interior design and ingenious product display solutions. This category will be judged in two sub categories: Retail Interiors Less than 200 square metres and Retail Interiors Greater than 200 square metres. (sq. m)

Workspace Interiors. Including corporate headquarters, offices, creative studios, home workspaces, call centres, factories and banks. This highly competitive category will be judged in two sub categories: Workspace Interior Projects Less than 10,000 square metres will be judged separately to Workspace Interior Projects Greater than 10,000 square metres. (sq. m)


Furniture. From chairs, stools and tables, to sofas, cabinets, desks and everything in between, we are looking to award realised furniture pieces by talented designers, furniture manufacturers and producers worldwide. For public, domestic or commercial use, both indoors and outdoors. Entries into this category should be original, sustainable, and marketable and above all else, demonstrate quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Lighting Products. Interior luminaires, lamps and exterior lighting products. This category includes all lighting products from desk lamps to multipurpose lighting systems. We are searching for unique products that display an innovative approach to this competitive industry with a consideration for energy efficiency.

Surface & Interior Accessories. From wall and floor coverings to decorative objects, sanitary ware and work surfaces, we are looking for innovative, durable accessories that accentuate interior spaces both public and private. This category includes everything from ceramics and glass, fittings and fixtures to textiles, kitchen and bathroom accessories and even crockery.

NEW FOR 2015:

WIN is delighted to announce that there will be a new category under Interior Projects for 2015: Residential Development Interiors. This category celebrates new developments and intelligent, enduring interiors that respond to their unique context and surroundings, whilst maintaining high levels of quality throughout, from the initial space planning of apartments and condos to their furnishing and styling. This category includes the interior architecture of apartments, penthouses, residents’ facilities, common areas and marketing suites.

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