In Vienna, INNOCAD Architecture creates an “open-minded office” for Samsung

Martin Lesjak, principal and founder INNOCAD Architecture, thinks of Samsung’s new HQ in Vienna, Austria, as an “open-mind office.”

The task in this project was to create an inspiring, communicative and functionally optimized work environment within the existing office premises of Samsung Austria. The prerequisite was that today’s knowledge workers require conditions that permit dialogue, meeting and networking but also peace and quiet and concentration.

The aim of the concept is to encourage interaction and thus informal communication among staff and to provide a pioneering communication infrastructure; also, to develop a unique corporate architecture for Samsung Austria.

The five-storey office space is located in Vienna’s Galaxy Tower and was completely renovated by INNOCAD. Work areas were combined in a compact unit on four levels and the middle level was turned into a platform that allows central staff communication and collaboration. At the same time, these areas are also used to welcome visitors and showcasing recent work.

The meeting and relaxation areas incorporate modern furnishings (cafeteria, lounges, shared kitchen, playground, retreat, focus, phone booth and various rooms for meetings) are in constant use by staff and customers alike and encourage spontaneous exchange, social contact, and reinforce the Samsung brand.

Key topics from the staff survey “GWP” (“Great Place to Work”) were taken into account and incorporated into the new office design. While each meeting room provides a special, functional communication setting (Meeting high, Meeting low, Meeting lounge, etc.) and its own colour code, the floors, wall and ceiling of the common areas are covered with a special graphical layer. Samsung brand statements are displayed in the room in anamorphic perspective, and are both an artistic, graphical element and a corporate identity tool.

The new, inspiring work environment encourages creativity and allows every member of staff to use the ideal work and communication environment for any particular task and thus to unfold his or her maximum potential.

The new office thus leads to a marked increase in productivity, work-life balance, staff satisfaction, and thus the overall corporate culture of Samsung Austria.

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