Getting a hex on: courtesy of tile-and-stone company Ceragres

The hexagon shape seems to be everywhere these days, and Ceragres has it covered.

CORE is an artisan porcelain that combines beauty, design and aesthetics. It comes in Hex, Diamond or Trapezoid.

DOMUS is glazed porcelain with the look of concrete. 

HEXA is a porcelain line in six colours.  

LINK mosaics come in four variable shapes (diamond, hexagon, etc.) randomly distributed on the mosaics sheet


Since 1990, Ceragres has been part of the Quebec entrepreneurial landscape, and now the Canadian landscape. Much more than an importer and distributor of tile and stone, Ceragres also offers specialized products such as ventilated cladding and pool systems. Ceragres stands out from the crowd with its professional and personalized approach with individuals, retailers, as well as architects, designers and contractors.

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