ONE OF THE GREATS HAS GONE Architect and designer Michael Graves has died

Michael Graves, one of the United States’ most prominent architects, has died at his home in Princeton, N.J. of natural causes, his firm. He was 80.

As The New York Times states, “Mr. Graves was first associated with the New York Five, a group of prominent architects that achieved cultish stature by helping to redefine modernism during the 1970s. But he went on to design projects like the Portland Building in Oregon and the Humana Building in Louisville, Ky., which exemplified postmodernism and made him a celebrity.”

Born in Indianapolis, Graves taught architecture in Princeton since 1962. His architectural works include the Portland Building and the Humana Building, the extension of the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Newark Museum.

One of Graves’ best-known designs is the best-selling 9093 kettle for Alessi.

Alberto Alessi, president of Alessi, has issued a statement:

“Dear All at Michael Graves studio and Michael’s family: I was saddened to hear the bad news. The last time we met in Philadelphia, even in a wheelchair, Michael was so energetic. We were thinking to organize something special for the events we are preparing around Michael-Alessi collaboration for 2015… and the new project with Michael that we will unveil shortly: the “Tea Rex Kettle”! Michael, as you well know, has been for Alessi one of the leading authors and design heroes, and for me, personally, one of my most important maestros. I’ll never forget his contribution to our history. Difficult to believe, Alberto.”