Neolith adds five new patterns to its Fusion line of compact surfacing

Neolith, a brand of all-natural sintered compact surfaces, will be expanding its Fusion product line for 2015. The collection, which draws inspiration from the earthiness of natural stones and minerals, will be introducing five new patterns, including two granite-inspired shades. The new designs are imprinted on Neolith’s reliable, high-performing brand of compact surface for countertops, flooring, wall cladding and more, as seen at the 2014 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

Using Neolith’s Digital Design (NDD) decoration injection technology to imprint the rock-like features, Fusion blends together the beauty of natural elements with the innovative features innate to sintered compact surfaces. Neolith’s Fusion line has all the design qualities of the natural stone and industrial material it resembles, but in fade-resistant, durable colours. New for 2015 are two granite-inspired colours, Nero Assoluto and Nero Zimbabwe, and the muted colours of the Pietra range: Pietra di Luna, Pietra di Piombo and Pietra di Osso. With the addition of the Pietra range, Neolith now has a slab in every neutral shade, from white, grey and cream to black, aligning with current colour trends.

These Fusion colours are available in a 6mm and 12mm thickness and a 3,200-by-1,500mm size format, which can be easily cut-to-measure, giving professionals control over their design and limitless application possibilities. Finishes were carefully selected to enhance the look of each colour: granite-inspired Nero Infinito is available Polished; Nero Zimbabwe is available in a Riverwashed finish. The entire Pietra range is available in a matte Silk or Riverwashed finish. These finishes help bring out key characteristics and depth in each model.

The Neolith brand, manufactured by TheSize Surfaces SL, is the outcome of the latest research and development processes in the industry. Neolith is 100 per cent natural, composed of raw materials – clays, feldspar, silica and natural mineral oxides – and is recyclable. Neolith slabs have a near-zero porosity, making them hygienic, stain resistant, easy to clean and impervious to chemicals. The product is also wear-, scratch- and heat-resistant, and its mineral-based colours do not fade from UV-ray exposure. Each Neolith model is lightweight and easy to install, making the product suitable for virtually every indoor and outdoor surface, residential or commercial.

Fusion is ideal for healthcare settings. It has been used in dental offices and for the facade, flooring and ceiling surfacing of several hospitals.

With 15 colours and limitless application potential, Fusion from Neolith gives architects, interior designers and other industry experts the ability to add strength and natural beauty to the projects they design, while providing them with a product versatile enough for creative risks.

Neolith products are available in the U.S. and worldwide through a large network of distributors. 


TheSize was founded in 2009 with the objective of expanding and improving the thriving ceramic sector prevalent in the company’s headquarters, Castellón, Spain. The company launched all-natural sintered compact surface Neolith in 2010, a durable material created through a high-temperature, high-pressure process called sinterization. Now an authority in sintered compact surfaces, TheSize has expanded its hard-surfacing business, launching GranITH, a line of natural granites, and a direct-to-consumer countertop-only sintered surface called DuraLosa.

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