Global company Cosentino celebrates the 25th anniversary of its Silestone quartz surfacing

This year, Silestone celebrates 25 years of colour and innovation as the world leader of quartz surfacing. To commemorate this anniversary, the Cosentino Group held an event at its Cantoria, Spain, headquarters on Feb. 26. During the event, Cosentino’s founders, the executive board and a group of employees celebrated 25 years of Silestone’s history; and special recognition was awarded to approximately 60 people who have been involved with the brand since its launch.

The kickoff celebration is the first in a series of commemorative initiatives that will take place throughout 2015, including an expanded product warranty, new product introductions, designer collaborations and strategic partnerships, and a commemorative logo.

“Reaching Silestone’s 25th anniversary is a significant milestone and there is no better way to celebrate the brand’s success than by thanking all of those who have supported us since the very beginning,” said Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino North America. “As a family-owned company, Silestone represents our foray into the American market and has allowed us to become a household name around the world. We look forward to continuing this tradition and expanding our product lines through innovation for years to come.”

In honour of 25 years of high-performance, superior-quality products, Silestone has expanded its transferrable, limited warranty to guarantee coverage of Silestone surfaces and Integrity sinks for up to 25 years from original date of installation, regardless of original owner. The new warranty program will cover Silestone surfaces purchased from an authorized Silestone installer or dealer and that have been installed in a single-family residence. This industry leading warranty extension goes beyond typical “lifetime warranties” offered in the market, which are usually non-transferable and limited to the original owner of the surface.

Throughout 2015, Silestone will continue its commitment to unveiling innovative products that meet the needs of consumers, architects and designers, as these supporters have played a critical role in the development and growth of the Silestone brand. “Without your invaluable collaboration, it would not have been possible to have taken Silestone to the leading position it enjoys today,” said Francisco Martínez-Cosentino, chairman of Cosentino. “You have set an example for all of us and represent the company’s true spirit.”

Silestone’s innovative approach to surfacing took years of research and trial and error by the Cosentino family, which started its surfacing roots in the marble industry in Almeria, Spain. When Silestone officially launched in 1989, it quickly secured its recognition as a prestigious product among surfacing professionals and the design market as a natural stone surface that requires no sealing or maintenance.

Silestone has since grown to be a world leader in surfacing leader, with leading colour technology and the largest production and distribution capabilities available worldwide.

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